söndag 15 november 2015

Weekend 14-15 November

This was two hectic days!

Saturday we went for a fieldwork visit to an Islamic school for girls! It was really rewarding and interesting! It was a privately funded school but it had secular education. It really is a breakthrough to see a school for an empowerished minority, which a lot of people at home would expect to be a radicalized school probably, due to their misunderstanding and prejudices against the Islamic world.

Everybody was really nice and welcoming, the boss, the teachers and the kids too!

After that we came home and we had a drill lesson in Urdu, where we are only allowed to talk in Urdu. It does not sound tough, but we speak Hindi very good, and to change all the words into Perso-arabic words can be hard sometimes to remember everything.

After that class we went with out teacher Roquiya to Ambedkar park here in Lucknow, which is a place dedicated the great Dalit leader and social reformer. The father of contemporary Buddhism in India, since it was almost wiped out for centuries in India. He is worshipped as a God almost in this monument like place. It reminds one about ancient Egypt, Rome or the Maurya empire. Truly inspiring and wonderful to walk around.

Sunday has been very hectic too actually, even though we haven't been out we have been writing our reports from the school visit to the Islamic Madrasa, in Urdu! After a week of studies, kind of amazing right?

And we have been working on our different Bachelor's Thesis and I have accomplished a lot today!

I also have been notified of the horrible attacks against humanity that happens all over our world right now! We have to unite in humanity to defeat the evil of fundamentalism!

I have some kind of home-sickness though. I miss my friends, family and partner. But I love being here, and India is also a part of me. I'm probably going to spend a certain amount of time in this part of the world in my short human life. And also the world is a small but huge place.

Ma'asalam, peace and love, Aleikum Salaam.  

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