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Lucknow Literature Carnival, لکھنؤ ادب کارنیول

Salaam my friends!

I will share this post independently from the other post about the week that has been. Since we went to the very interesting and spectacular event "Lucknow literature carnival" which is an event dedicated to the "tehzib" or composite culture which Lucknow is famous for since Nawabi days, and therefore the literature of all kinds.

All kinds of human rights activists, authors, poets, actors and other culturally important people come there! Mostly to debate and to present new works but also to talk about tolerance and contemporary politics and their importance of cultural people of influence for the Indian general public.

First we saw the famous news anchor and author Rajdeep Sardesai as he was leaving the event, we just missed his lecture! There was a big crowd of people, it actually felt like being in Bollywood Mumbai, except that these celebrities are culturally important and intelligent people, not just movie stars who act on what they are told to act for.

However we saw an interesting lecture given by Ashok Vajpeyi, Keki Daruwalla and Seema Mustafa who are all poets and authors and contemporary Indian poetry, and it's role as a mobilization factor for secularism but also tolerance.

After that a lecture was given about feminism by famous actor Atul Tiwari and feminist Syeda Hameed! Truly rewarding perspectives. Also, most lectures are given in Hindi/Urdu/Hindustani and Hinglish which means that we understand everything. They change language back and forth during the lectures. Truly amazing that we can understand 95 % out of it, without difficulty. That is hard work pays off!

After that the famous actor Basharat Peer arrived and lectured about his latest movie about his native Kashmir, which was a contemporary remake of the Shakespear, Hamlet. Truly awesome!
Another fascinating and world famous Indian author also arrived, Amish Tripathi and held a lecture and book release about his books on Hindu. This may sounds non secular and religious,  but his books are like fantasy and action books, made for young people to be interested in their heritage. He is world famous and among the 100 globally famous Indians today. That was a really cool experience to hear a lecture from him!

The final lecture was given by Vivek Patel and his romantic novel "Raani" which sounded like a fresh breeze of change in contemporary Hindi and Hinglish novels. Maybe I should buy it?

Overall the Lucknow Literature Carnival was a really good experience! I mean these are globally and also within India famous people, just in their own spheres. I bet no one at home in Sweden has heard about them. But that is after all a matter of perspectives.

I will of course also upload some pictures from the Carnival!

Waleikum Salaam

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