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Salaam my friends!

I will divide the Hyderabad visit into different posts to cover it all!
First of all I was amazed by the size and cleanliness of Hyderabad, it is after all India's fourth largest city and has well over 7 million inhabitants!

It is famed for it's biryanis and jewelries and also for being a cosmopolitan and multicultural city! It has a legacy of multiculturalism and gloablism since it was founded! Hyderabad is home to Arab, Persian, east African and other Asian communities living in India.
It is also diverse in the way as a breaking point between the Islamic Urdu speaking culture of northern India and the Southern Hindu cultures of Telugu, Kannada and Tamil. It is a city where the southern Dravidic cultures meets the Northern Indo-Aryan ones. A truly spectacular place!

First of all, when we arrived we had to see the symbol of Hyderabad, the Charminar or "four minarets" and the Makkah Masjid and also the old town since we were going to compare Urdu language, which is an identity making language for the Muslims of southern India.
Ther Charminar is a spectacular piece of art as well as the Makkah Masjid, it is however built before the Nizam (Nawab) period which is heavily influenced by Persian and Urdu culture. Hyderabad's Nizams and Lucknow's Nawabs have a special connection and cultural links to each other, also in the architecture.

The main difference of Hyderabadi Urdu culture and Lucknowi is that Urdu and Muslim culture is more composite in the way that Urdu has kept it's transcendency as a "lingua franca" and has not become so influenced by Persian and Arabic as it has in northern India. The Urdu of Hyderabad has a a lot of Dravidian influences and almost it's own vocabulary in some sense. Another astonishing feature of Indian cultural composition and that Indian culture is always transcendent!

Here are some pictures from the Charminar and the Makkah Masjid!

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