måndag 11 januari 2016

Salar Jung Museum


After the interesting day with the AP state museum and meeting our friend Hoshang Merchant we went to the Salar Jung museum the day afterwards!

It is a truly spectacular collection, made by the royal family of Hyderabad the Nizams! The collection covers artifacts from all continents and has spectacular collections from East Asia and also from a lot of colonial powers such as French, British and Dutch art as well as porcelain and ceramics from Germany, Poland and Italy.

It has spectacular collections of Persian and Middle eastern artifacts and also artifacts from all southern India. We spent the entire day in that museum and it sure was needed to see everything!
This shows the cosmpolitanism and the multiculturalism of the Nizam court and the spirit of Hyderabad as a place of mixing cultures to create it's own very cosmopolitan culture!

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