söndag 20 december 2015


Hey everyone!

I have been extremely bad at updating my blog the last three weeks, but that has several reasons!
We have had so much stuff to do in our Urdu programme, all kinds of topics and assignments which I will explain in smaller posts! We have also been celebrating Azaadari, the Shia holiday dedicated to the end of Muharram, the time of mourning for Hussain's martyrdom!

Our friend Naila, who studies Hindi in Varanasi also came to Lucknow to visit us so we guided her around which was a lot of fun! And we got to practice the language a bit more!

We have been to Varanasi, a second home of mine. A place I truly have missed. We were there for a week and we had examinations and classes as well as we had lectures (yes we had lectures) for the Danish and Norwegian students about INLANSO and the Urdu programme!

It was very nice to meet a lot of old friends and new people at INLANSO in Varanasi who all study Hindi. We also visited our former host family, Vipin, Vandana and Oshi which was very fun, to see them all after such a long time. It has been more than 1,5 years since we were there last time!

We have also been doing a lot of interesting stuff and research in villages for my thesis and a lot of cultural assignments dedicated to the Urdu language and to sociolinguistics.
Finally I will also post a post about our visit to the Indian-Palestinian event in Lucknow, which was an event to support Palestine which was really fascinating!

I will reblog about all these things in separate posts!

Aleikum Salaam

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