söndag 20 december 2015



We have reached really high levels of Urdu language since we learn it through Hindi, to refresh the Hindi and also since it is the best way to learn Urdu, because they are very similair. We are transliterating entire newsarticles and also translating them, after only 4-5 weeks of studies! 

I am really proud of my own development and also Beatrice's! 
It is all thanks to the teachers and the institution though, for having such a varied program and such intense quality teaching!

We also visited the old town, Aminabad in Lucknow where the majority of Sunni Muslims live. It reminds me very much of Varanasi, the small alleys, the crowds, the cheap products! I love it!

And it is a perfect place to practice Urdu! 

We also visited the oldest bookshop for Urdu only books in Aminabad called Danish Mahal, which has nothing to do with Denmark, but rather the word Danish in Persian which means knowledge. We performed some intreviews there and later on that day we meet up Naila at the train station since she was going to visit us for a weekend of exploring Lucknow and practicing Hindustani!

The picture of the station gives me perspectives, when I complain about the metro at home being packed, this is everyday crowds in India. Talk about crowds!

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