söndag 20 december 2015



Salaam my friends and readers!

This will be an update from the Azadaari event which is world famous, as well as Muharram is worldwide! Especially Lucknow's Muharram and Azadaari is world famous since Lucknow is the third largest Shia city of importance in the world.

Therefor the city has a very strong influence from Persian and Iranian cultural traits and also the bond of Lucknow and northern Indian Muslim culture to Persian and Iranian Muslim culture can clearly be seen!

A thing that surprised me was that we recieved pamhplets with the face of Khameini, the spiritual leader of Iran nowadays since Khomeini is dead. As a Westerner with prejudices I expected this event to rant about anti-semitism, since I know where Khameini has his ideological views on Israel, but I was surprised in a very pleasant way. The event was completely secular in the sense that the Shia communtiy invited different religious leaders from Christian, Sunni, Sikh and Hindu faiths and also journalists and cultural personalities to debate communal harmony and interreligious cooperation and cooexistence!

This is a truly Lucknowi feature, the idea of communal harmony and intercultural coexistence and also the transparency of Indian religious and cultural life. In Urdu it is called "Tehzib" and it was really extraordinary to watch! A really rewarding experience! Wedding season is also taking of in northern India and everyday young couples are getting married, it is a really pleasant time to be here!

Wa aleikum Salam

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