måndag 21 december 2015

Colonial heritages of Lucknow

Salaam my friends!

Today our awesome friend Nirutpal, who is a native to Lucknow has guided us around the former Residency, where the British garisson and colonial population lived during British rule, the Dilkusha gardens of the last Nawab, which was a training center for Indian resistence against the British.
And finally he also showed us the magnificent La Martiniere College, which is an astonishing piece of French and British colonial architecture, mixed with Nawabi styles.

It has been a really rewarding day. We saw the museum of the Residency and also discovered the place thoroughly. Even though how horrible the British were as colonial masters and expansionists, they still are a significant part of this country's history. We saw how civic life was for British citizens living in India and also how it worked as a colonial apparatus. A really broad dimension of it all.
This was also a very important place in the first Indian war of Independence and there was a huge battle between British and pro British Indian forces and the Indian forces wanting independence and self autonomy!

One can see true British but also Celtic architectural influences in the monuments and grave stones in particular. Not only Englishmen came here but also Scottish, Irish and Welsh people came through the British colonial project!

After that we went to the Dilkusha, which was the training camp for the Nawabs to organize their resistance against the British and colonial power. A very interesting place. Lucknow has such a trivial role in Indian independence movement and also Indian history, being one of the last independent kingdoms under the Nawabs etc.

Finally we also went to the "La Martiniere" college which is a magnificent pice of architecture and a colonial remnant which is still in use today. One can see the clear signs of French and British colonial influences, mixed with the Nawabi and Lucknowi ones. A true masterpiece of multiculturalism and also of architecture. It almost feels like being at a fancy French mansion in France when being there.

Me and Beatrice attended a local event later, organized by the local Muslim community which was made for promoting Muslim companies, battling unemployment and also for the cause of blood donation for local hospitals. An interesting mix of communal spirit. We also meet with people from Avadhnama, from the newspaper we visited. They are one of the organizers of the event.

After a long day I will call it good night!

Waleikum Salaam

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